How we’re different

We provide a valuable combination of patient capital, flexible deal structures, in-depth business capabilities and a wealth of experience.

Patient Capital

Our investment capital is not fund-based, which provides tremendous freedom and the ability to invest for the long-term. This approach eliminates the short-term pressures that come with many investment sources and allows our partners to grow their businesses in a healthy, sustainable fashion.


There is no substitute for experience. The depth and breadth of our team’s collective experience is an enormous resource and provides our partners with a pragmatic, proven body of expertise to draw upon.


Our investment model allows us to be extremely flexible in our deal structures and strategies. Flexibility enables intelligent, creative investments that align with the unique needs of each of our partners.


Business success requires expertise across a number of domains. Beyond financial resources and knowledge, our team brings a wealth of experience in strategy, finance, technology, marketing operations and overall business management.