Our approach is simple

We partner with passionate entrepreneurs to help them build great businesses.



The journey of entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. Often, no one truly understands the many challenges and opportunities you face. We have worked with many entrepreneurs throughout the years and have seen what works and what doesn’t. We want to work with you to help you chart the best strategic course for your business to bring you and your team the greatest possible success in the years to come. We will work with you every step of the way.


Personally Invested

We are unique in that we don’t raise money from outside limited partners. All of our funding comes from ourselves. Our skin is in the game in every investment we make, and we align ourselves with you for the success of your business. Because we only invest our capital, we don’t spend time raising funds or reporting to people or groups outside Aries. We focus on what is best for the long-term success of each business rather than on how short-term results might help with raising a new fund.


Radically Transparent

We believe in being open and transparent. We believe clarity and honesty are the only foundation for a long-term relationship with every investment we consider. We will give you our best thinking and work with you to arrive at the best possible answer for your business. The best ideas will win and we welcome input and discussion throughout our involvement. We will look at all of the data with you, combine our experience and insights with yours, and work with you to create the best outcome.



With our decades of experience in creating, developing and growing businesses, we believe we have seen and experienced most situations and have felt all the emotions of being a business founder, entrepreneur, and CEO. We aspire to be the best partner you’ve ever had.

What we

look for

We’re not a perfect fit for everyone, nor is every opportunity perfect for us. We don’t focus on any particular industry; however, we do consider several key business features when selecting potential partners.

Strong managment teams

Defendable competitive advantage

Sustainable profit margin

Long-term growth potential

Your Aries Roadmap

Not every entrepreneur walks the same path. Each partnership we invest in has its own unique structure and goals. We will help you define what success means to you and then have the experience, connections, data and resourcefulness to help get you there.