Aries invested in Acima in 2015 with a sale in late 2020. Acima was founded with a mission to provide a much-needed alternative to traditional financing for consumers. The company helps people from all backgrounds live a better quality of life with easier access to the things they need and want — all without credit. Their lease-to-own solutions can actually strengthen a purchaser’s credit history through responsible payment options.

Acima’s proprietary technology lets customers shop their mobile app, website, or in-store, and it offers flexible purchase options so customers can own it when they’re ready.

Aaron’s ability to be detail-oriented but also see the big picture is a major reason Aries partnered with Acima. As a founder with a really strong sales leadership background, Aaron’s incredible talent brought a tremendous amount of value to the partnership. His unique skill set creates a lot of value — both for the company and their customers.